Objective of the Society

The objectives of the Society shall be:

  1. To promote interest amongst Medical Assistants and Registered Staff Nurses in the field of Nephrology so as to enhance knowledge, skills and practice.
  2. To provide quality educational programmes to its members, focusing the Society’s efforts and resources towards archieving sound research based nursing practice and skills.
  3. To become involved in developing and establishing a core of set educational and nursing standards to be implanted in each renal unit.
  4. To meet regularly at least twice a year to exchange ideas and information on recommended change in standards and practice.
  5. To enhance the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) and Continuous Quality Improvenment (CQI) as an integral part of individual patient care.
  6. To invite members of medical fraternity working in this specialised area to update and advice the Society on current trends.